A cozy cobblestone Christmas in historic Connecticut

Merry Christmas from sunny California!

Years ago, I had the privilege of conducting my first official styled shoot with friend and film mentor, Jessica Mae Cortes. Besides the fact that this wintery historic scene is breathtakingly gorgeous, this shoot was extremely pivotal for me. Why? Well thanks to the mentorship of my good friend Jess, this shoot sported the very first roll of medium format 120 film I had ever shot.

Not only do I like to look back on these images because of their mesmerizing internal warmth, but for the comparison of seeing how much a little time and lots of practice can do. So for those of you out there who are film novices and just starting out on your film journey- hang in there. I know it can be overwhelming (my head was spinning that chilly day in CT) but remember that you can only improve! Every photo is progress, and practice makes perfect.

Needless to say, from that day on as photos go, there is absolutely nothing that beats film in my mind.

It’s tangible, can hold light like no other, and I just love that despite this technologically advancing society there are some things that simply age timelessly. Film will forever be that for me. I’m not going to lie, that following spring I shot my first roll completely solo and it did not turn out anywhere near as successful LOL buttttt, that’s why it’s a learning process right? Never be too afraid of failure to trade the possibility of what you can learn. I say that for myself and the person in the back- ya-hurr!

For now, enjoy my lovely friend Rachel killing it in sub-freezing temperatures and as always, a huge thank you to Jessica for being so much more than a mentor. Creatives- hear me out when I say find someone who believes in your passions as much as you do. Find yourself someone who understands the care and love it takes to invest in someone else’s creative potential by taking the time to teach them. And then- go find your someone to invest into!

This world turns us creatives too competitive sometimes, and we believe this mentality of scarcity. The reality is though, that there is always room for all of your art in it too.

Until next time friends.



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