Investments begin at $5,000. For more specific information about what each package includes or to inquire about custom packaging, scurry on over to the contact page and together, let's design the perfect arrangement that best accommodates your wedding day needs.

your wedding is important to us, too.

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Are you available for travel?

I am more than willing to travel! I am no stranger to road trips or living out of my suitcase, and I love the adventure of getting to experience a new place for the first time. Depending on where your event is taking place there may be a travel fee, so feel free to inquire more about that!

Do you charge per hour?

Good question! While an hourly rate is just as common as a fixed rate, I charge in flat rates. Weddings, specific sessions and editorials range in price- but know that choosing me for your photos guarantees full-coverage of your session or event. In other words, I leave when the job is done ;) However, you can inquire about my packages and pricing through the contact page!

Do you have insurance?

Yessir! I am fully insured and personally LOVE my insurer! So, I am fully secure to go forward with anything you have planned. That includes venues or vendors that require liability insurance!

Can we print through you?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact- I prefer it! For an additional fee, I am more than happy to take care of having prints made for my clients through the recommended labs I work with. The fee will cover the cost for the order placed, as well as an additional charge for handling. As a photographer, it is always my suggestion to the client to consider the benefits of ordering prints through the hired artist. They know their images best, as well as how they will be best presented. Regardless of who you have printing done through, even if you choose to do it yourself (no shame!), be mindful to run your printing lab by your hired photographer to gain proper input so that the intended quality of your photos can be preserved.

Why film photography?

There’s simply something about the timeless, etherial, dreamy and utterly romantic feel of film that simply can’t be emulated! One of the things I appreciate the most about film photography is its ability to simply outlast technology. Digital photography is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but despite how far we’ve come it won’t ever achieve the look that film has. I cool is that??? Creamy skin tones, truest colors, soft backgrounds, and white washed tones are some of the characteristics I have fallen in love with. More than anything, its ability to capture light is iconic!

What is your "natural light clause"?

A natural light photographer refers to the nature of my photos and their style. My work is done primarily through the use of natural and available light. Therefore, I include a "limitations on light" clause in my contracts in order to represent my need for natural light in order to produce the established style you see in my images. Though I am able to shoot with artificial light in situations that require it, I desire to work in exclusively natural light situations. So the more green and sunshine there is, the happier I am! I guess that makes me creepily sound like a plant but I find that perfectly appropriate :)

We had a crazy fun time at our session!
When can we expect our photos?

Great question! I guarantee a 6-8 week turnaround time. Life is unpredictable as we all know, so I like to allow myself a broader window to ensure I do a thorough job completing your gallery!

What is your social media policy?

Good ol' social meeds- I love it! I am truly blushing when my happy clients share their photos with the world! I only ask that you credit Estovest Studio or me, Sarah Casmass, personally when sharing and I absolutely do the same with my clients! Vendors are always fully credited as well as clients verified with before sharing or submitting for publication on my end.


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