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Welcome to my little slice of the internet! I'm Sarah.

While I'm sure you picked up on the vibe of Estovest and all we do here at the studio, chances are you came here to learn more about the faces behind the business. Well...now I'm blushing! When the curtains close and the heels come off, catch me snuggling up to my hunk of a husband and sipping on some matcha (unless you're the type that thinks it tastes like grass- fair enough. lol.) I'm a lover of life and tonsss of belly laughs, so feel free to peruse a few of my favorite things and see if you are in good company! If so, what are you waiting for??

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Creating a comfortable environment for my clients is my biggest priority. I want to get to know you because I want you to feel safe to be yourself- after all, those make the best pictures! I like to simply make friendly conversation with you (even if it means getting you to laugh while I snag the shots of the precious in-between moments!) I may coach a little here and there, but I mostly want you to just be free to be yourself. My approach is very laid back, but my desire is also that we have a good time together too! I want to tell your story and help preserve your legacy in an organic style. I may have to climb on some tables or move some dresses around, but it's my promise to you that your day will be captured without much interference to you at all.

I believe your story is greater than your brand or wedding day

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