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Estovest Studio specializes in fine art photography for other creatives, editorials, and weddings. Our goal is to increase the pretty in the world by making luxurious and refined design more tangible for other like-minded artists, couples, vendors, and photographers.

Check out some samples of our recent work below (and the fantastic people of them!) and the incredible moments we have frozen with our lens of along the way.

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Shooting with Intention, 2019.

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Volume XVII, 2019.

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Mae & Joe, 2016.

Sarah is the absolute BEST! She made my fiance and I so comfortable and captured our genuine emotions even though both of us are more camera shy...We had so much fun despite the nerves before getting the pictures, and we are so happy with the results! Seriously, this girl has AMAZING talent and is so much fun to work with!! I recommend her to anyone who not only wants excellent results, but also as a wonderful experience to remember with your loved ones!

Jennifer of Spark Studios, 2019.

sarah was a pleasure to work with! her ideas flourished inside Spark studios with her uniquely beautiful set design. she used every inch of our space creatively and captured some absolutely beautiful images. it's wonderful to work with lovely creatives like sarah!

Adara & Joey, 2019.

sarah is one of the most beautiful souls i know- and her photography reflects that beauty! her work showcases a genuine warmth with a refined, elegant touch. sarah has a keen eye for styling, and is a master at pulling pieces together to create unique, sophisticated yet fun looks. i admire her knowledge of seamless design and her class for effortlessly pushing trends. She creates aesthetically pleasing and consistent work that communicates meaning. not to mention- her laughter is contagious! sarah is a true delight to work with!

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